All mechanical clocks are serviced in our Guernsey based clock workshop. This avoids the need for precious or valuable items to be sent away.
Clocks are mechanical items and as such they require maintenance and repair. Regular clock servicing is essential to ensure effective function.

Clocks are required to function non-stop 24hr a day, 7 days a week, year after year. Unlike many mechanical items clocks are never “turned off” when not in use. Having a mechanical clock serviced should be viewed as an essential part of clock ownership. Most mechanical clocks can be effectively maintained if serviced every 5-8 years, which is not bad when compared with other common mechanical items such as cars, which require more regular servicing even though they only get periodic use.

Regular servicing reduces wear in the clockwork mechanism, sadly many owners fail to see the importance of such maintenance and allow their clocks to wear out and grind to a complete stop. These clocks will require more remedial repair work to restore their function, taking greater time and adding to the servicing costs.


We take a professional and highly conscientious approach to all repair work, no part jobs or substandard work will be undertaken. A fair percentage of our time is spent correcting the bodge jobs of previous unqualified repairers and we have no wish to add to these in any way.

All servicing involves fully dismantling the mechanism, correcting aspects of wear, cleaning the movement parts, assembly and lubrication. Serviced clocks are tested in the workshop for 2-3 weeks before being returned to the customer.

All clocks serviced by Channel Island Clocks are fully insured during the repair period and have a 1 year guarantee. Damage to clocks caused by accident, rough handling and broken mainsprings are excluded from this guarantee. Please call Ian on 07781 428 980 for more information.