Some owners have very neglected clocks, which are often historic items passed down from family members, or are more modern items of particular sentimental value.

Some of these clocks may have been repaired poorly in the past and on occasions may have missing parts. Theses items often require varying degrees of restoration, which will involve making good the previous repairs and remaking badly damaged or missing parts.

Total clock restoration is often very time consuming and is more involved than servicing or repairing as its ultimate aim is to revert the clock back to the condition it was in when it left its maker. The end result of clock restoration work is often an impressive clock, which is a source of great pride to the owner and the restorer.

Great care is taken to avoid unnecessary, expensive over-restoration of clocks, the level of work required is always discussed with the owner before any work is undertaken.

All restoration work including the re-making of any missing or damaged part is carried out in our Guernsey clock restoration workshop. Please call Ian on 07781 428 980 for more information.