Due to the huge variation in the condition and complexities of clocks we handle at Channel Island Clocks it is not possible to produce a definitive price list.

All clocks are given an initial inspection from which the cost of servicing or repair is estimated (+ or – 15 %) prior to any work being undertaken. Such an estimate is free of charge and without any obligation.

Estimates are based on a visual assessment, therefore it is not always possible to see all damaged or badly worn parts until the clock has been fully disassembled. Should any additional work be required upon further investigation we will contact the owner before going any further with the repair.

Estimates for servicing and repairs are free of charge, however if a full accurate quote is required, the clock will have to be disassembled and fully assessed to prepare the quote. This will be charged at the standard workshop hourly rate.

Full payment for all work undertaken and any materials supplied is required on delivery or collection of your clock. We accept payment in cash or by cheques made payable to Channel Island Clocks.


Is my clock worth repairing?

People have clocks repaired for a great many reasons, some clocks are valuable antiques making repair an obvious choice. We also handle some clocks of lesser commercial value, but of huge sentimental or historical significance to the owner.
We are always willing to discuss the costs and benefits of work with customers before undertaking work.

Is repairing expensive?

Good work takes time and costs money, the repair of a clock is not a cheap process, however the
repaired clock will function for a long time (often 5-8 years) before it costs you further money.
The cost of the repair is minimal when spread over the the period of time between servicing, often only coming to a few pence per day.

Is all work undertaken completed by you in Guernsey?

All work is undertaken by Ian Lihou in Channel Island Clocks’ Guernsey based workshop. We offer a professional service, unlike other companies no items will be sent out to unqualified amateur outworkers. All clocks handled by us are insured both in transit
and during the repair period.
Rarely parts of a clock may require input from another craftsman, for example a dial painter or a cabinet maker. In such cases the item will only be sent to a fully qualified professional after gaining your full consent to do so.

Is work guaranteed?

All workmanship and materials supplied are guaranteed for a 1year period. Damage to clocks caused by accident, rough handling and broken mainsprings are excluded from this guarantee.

Will the repaired clock keep good time?

After working on all clocks we test them in the workshop for a minimum of 2 weeks, during this time the clock is adjusted to keep good time. However after returning the clock to the owner some slight adjustment may be needed. We are always happy to advise the customer how to do this.
It must be remembered that almost all mechanical clocks will show a slight variation in time keeping, this is often seen as the springs wind down, or with seasonal temperature changes.
After all, many of the beautiful clocks we handle were made in a time when seconds were not critical!

How often should my clock be serviced?

The durations between servicing will vary depending on the type of the clock. With good quality oils and effective servicing a Longcase (Grandfather) clock may safely function for about 8 years between services. A smaller spring powered clock will require more frequent servicing, often every 5 years. Delicate spring driven clocks such as carriage clocks may require more regular attention.
As with all mechanical items regular servicing will prevent undue wear, greatly extending the life of your clock as well as reducing the need for extensive repairs.